Ghosts of the Jackal a finalist for Pulp Factory Award

The Red Jackal series has been nominated for another Pulp Factory Award!

Strigoi, one of the stories in Ghosts of the Jackal, is one of three finalists for Best Short Story in this year’s competition. Dead Ball, included in Enter the Jackal, was a 2021 finalist for Best Short Story. The newest book in the series, Eye of Vengeance, was just released this month.

The winners of the 2022 Pulp Factory Awards will be announced in May at the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention.

A new Red Jackal book

Eye of Vengeance

Eye of Vengeance, the third book in the Red Jackal series, is now available for purchase from Amazon and other bookstores. Signed copies are also available right here on the site, plus we’re offering a great deal if you buy all three books in the series together.

Find out more here about the series that has already been nominated for two Pulp Factory Awards.

Ghosts of the Jackal now available

Ghosts of the Jackal, Book 2 of The Adventures of the Red Jackal, has hit the streets.

(Find links to order here.)

Ghosts of the Jackal picks up just a few months after Enter the Jackal, the Amazon best-selling first book in the series.

The past returns to haunt the Red Jackal in the second book of the exciting Adventures of the Red Jackal!

In 1929, the Red Jackal thought he had defeated a mysterious killer that mimicked the legendary Count Dracula. Five years later, the killer returns, proving himself to be as difficult to kill as the great vampire.

Meanwhile, an old ally returns and the Red Jackal finds himself searching for a long-lost Edgar Allan Poe tome that has left a trail of death behind it!

Reviewers have called the Red Jackal series “pure pulp fun” and a “worthy heir” to the classic pulp heroes. The first Red Jackal story, “Dead Ball,” was also a finalist for Best Short Story in the 2021 Pulp Factory Awards.

Best of Thrilling Detective Vol. 2 now available

Our latest release from Brick Pickle Pulp, The Best of Thrilling Detective, Volume 2, is now available for order from Amazon and other bookstores. We’ll have copies available here on the website shortly!

Volume 2 combines our previous releases of Thrilling Detective Pulp Tales, Volumes 4-6, in a large omnibus edition at a value price. It’s like getting three books for the price of two of the original volumes!

We hope you enjoy these reprints of classic pulp stories and there’s more to come down the road!