Happy birthday, Kent Hrbek

Kent Hrbek is one of the players featured in our book, Minnesota’s 50 Greatest Baseball Players: From Town Ball to the Twins. The story of Kent Hrbek is that of another local boy made good, but unlike Paul Molitor, Jack Morris or Dave Winfield, Hrbek spent his entire major league career playing for the localContinue reading “Happy birthday, Kent Hrbek”

Review: The Mysterious Wu Fang #1

The Mysterious Wu Fang #1: The Case of the Six Coffins I’ve been aware of the Mysterious Wu Fang for years but resisted reading the series. To put it bluntly, I wasn’t in the mood to read to what I expected to be an at least slightly offensive “Yellow Peril” pulp. A little background: WuContinue reading “Review: The Mysterious Wu Fang #1”

April Best Sellers

The top-selling items through our retail arm for April. As always, remember that we specialize in collectible items and niche categories, so it’s going to look a little different than your traditional best-seller list! The Beginner’s Guide to Pulp Fiction, Vol. 2 by Jonathan W. Sweet The Beginner’s Guide to Pulp Fiction by Jonathan W.Continue reading “April Best Sellers”