Chattering Rods & Private Hawkshaws: The Best of Robert Leslie Bellem, Vol. 1

There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground when it comes to the prolific Robert Leslie Bellem. Those in the know either hate him or love him.

Reading a Bellem story is an experience. He wrote across just about every genre, but the detective stories are especially entertaining. Stumbling upon one of his stories in Thrilling Detective, Spicy Detective or dozens of other pulps is like an oasis in a desert of sameness.

In a Bellem tale, guns don’t just shoot – they’re roscoes that “sneeze ka-chow!” Eyes are glims, cash is geetus and dames have delishful contours.This volume features a selection of Bellem stories across the adventure, detective and spicy genres, including tales starring Dan Turner and Nick Ransom.

227 pages/Published 2020. $12, including shipping

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