Review: The Mysterious Wu Fang #1

The Mysterious Wu Fang #1: The Case of the Six Coffins I’ve been aware of the Mysterious Wu Fang for years but resisted reading the series. To put it bluntly, I wasn’t in the mood to read to what I expected to be an at least slightly offensive “Yellow Peril” pulp. A little background: WuContinue reading “Review: The Mysterious Wu Fang #1”

Now available: Thrilling Detective Pulp Tales Volume 3

Our latest pulp collection,┬áThrilling Detective Pulp Tales Vol. 3, is now available in both print and ebook format. For more than 20 years, detectives and criminals found a home in the pages of┬áThrilling Detective. This edition collects six vintage pulp novels and stories from the tattered pages of the classic detective pulp: “Hijack Haul” byContinue reading “Now available: Thrilling Detective Pulp Tales Volume 3”