Book Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Affair of the Chronic Argonaut

Sherlock Holmes: The Affair of the Chronic Argonaut by Fred Adams Jr./Published by Pro Se Press * 5/5 stars I feel like a broken record every time I review a Fred Adams Jr. book. But it’s worth saying again: Adams is quite possibly the best writer working in new pulp today. I have yet toContinue reading “Book Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Affair of the Chronic Argonaut”

Book Review: The Adventures of Coffin Kirk

The Adventures of Coffin Kirk by Arch Whitehouse/Published by Age of Aces * 5/5 stars This one is a collection of vintage pulp aviation stories, all published in Flying Aces magazine from 1937 to 1941. I’ll sum it up in one word: fun. Coffin Kirk is pulpy escapism at its best. Our protagonist is BrianContinue reading “Book Review: The Adventures of Coffin Kirk”

Review: Operator #5 – The Red Invader Radio Archives audiobook

Operator #5: The Red Invader * 2016 audiobook by Radio Archives* *3.5/5 stars* Listened to the Radio Archives audio version (5 CDs) of The Red Invader, the first time I’ve listened to one of the Operator #5 stories as an audiobook, so this review is two-fold: the story and the audio presentation/experience This classic pulpContinue reading “Review: Operator #5 – The Red Invader Radio Archives audiobook”

Review: Killing Quarry by Max Allan Collins

Killing Quarry by Max Allan Collins * Publication Date 11/12/19 * 5/5 stars * Published by Hard Case Crime Everyone’s favorite professional killer is back in Killing Quarry, the 15th adventure of the Vietnam sniper turned hitman by Max Allan Collins. This adventure falls into the “list” era of Quarry adventures when he is searching out otherContinue reading “Review: Killing Quarry by Max Allan Collins”