Cowpunchers & Bushwhackers

Cowpunchers & Bushwhackers: The Best of W.C. Tuttle Volume 3

In this collection, Volume Three of our W.C. Tuttle series, we’ve included three novellas from the tattered pages of Adventure and Short Stories. The book kicks off with “The Devil’s Dooryard,” featuring probably his most famous character, Hashknife Hartley. Hartley was a crime-solving cowboy that combined westerns and detective stories in dozens of stories from the 1920s to the 1950s. You’ll also find “Flames of the Storm,” a tale of Skeeter Bill Sarg, another of Tuttle’s recurring Western characters. Skeeter Bill finds himself in a mess of trouble when he tries to help out a couple of sheepherders in a dispute with the local cattlemen. Finally, the collection wraps up with “Fires of Fate,” a “Northwestern” story featuring the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, the famous “Mounties” of Canada, with Bud Conley out to clear his good name.

201 pages/Published 2021 $12 including shipping

Volume 1 and Volume 2 also available.

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