Enter the Jackal

Enter the Jackal: Adventures of the Red Jackal Book 1 by Jonathan W. Sweet

“We’ve seen quite a few new pulp heroes spring forth like publishing weeds in the past ten years … Most have been okay successors to those classic characters from the 30s and 40s. A handful have been more than that. They are the worthy heirs to that heritage. You can consider the Red Jackal one of these without reservation.” — Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews 

“This has all the beginnings of a great thing.” — Harding McFadden

1933 in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota’s largest cities are beset by corruption and organized crime has free rein.

Average citizens know that the justice system is weighted against them as the Great Depression sinks many into poverty and despair.

Enter the Red Jackal, a vigilante shaped by the powers of ancient Egypt; a crimefighter who will defend the powerless and terrify the guilty.

205 pages/Published 2021. $12, including shipping (Signed copies)

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