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A sampling of recent articles and projects by Jonathan Sweet.


In-Depth product articles, LBM Journal

Next is Now: What America’s Changing Demographics Mean, Boating Industry 

The Workforce Crisis: Labor Shortages Hampering Industry Growth, Boating Industry

Shows/Special Projects

Boating Industry Top 100

Boating Industry Elevate Summit

Books (as author)

The Beginner’s Guide to Pulp Fiction

Minnesota’s 50 Greatest Baseball Players

DeForest: A Small-Town Wisconsin History

Books (as editor/associate editor)

Chicago Pulp Tales (2019, Brick Pickle Media)

Quatermain: The New Adventures Volume 5 (2019, Airship 27)

Pulp Adventures on the Moon (2019, Brick Pickle Media)

Thrilling Pulp Detective Tales, Vol. 1 (2019, Brick Pickle Media)

Tombstone & Speedy, Range Detectives (2019, Brick Pickle Media)

Ike Mars: Bloody Key (2019, Airship 27)

Marty Quade, Private Detective (2019, Airship 27)

Brother Bones: City of Lost Souls (2018, Airship 27)

The Purple Scar: The Black Fog (2018, Airship 27)

The Moon Man (Vol. 2) (2018, Airship 27)

Secret Agent X (Vol. 6) (2018, Airship 27)

C.O. Jones: Skinners (2017, Airship 27)

The Black Bat & the Purple Scar: Faces of Fear (2017, Moonstone Press)

Tales from the Hanging Monkey (2017, Airship 27)

Jezebel Johnston: Sea Witch (2017, Airship 27)

Jim Anthony Super Detective (Vol. 5) (2017, Airship 27)

The Silver Riders (2017, Airship 27)





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