Captain Satan debuts – 1938

captain satanCaptain Satan made its debut with the March 1938 issue.

Captain Satan was the temporarily rebranded Strange Detective Mysteries. After two issues in 1937, the magazine – which focused on bizarre detectives – was retitled to focus on Captain Satan.

Captain Satan is one of the titles featured in The Beginner’s Guide to Pulp Fiction.

Captain Satan ran for five issues from March to July 1938 before reverting to Strange Detective Mysteries again in November. Captain Satan was Cary Adair, a wealthy playboy who leads a private army that robs from the evil and fights crime. The stories were credited to William O’ Sullivan and published by Popular Publications.

The entire five-story run has been reprinted by Altus Press, some stories have been reprinted in High Adventure and the first story is available in audiobook from Radio Archives.

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