Three new titles from Brick Pickle Pulp

We have three new pulp collections, available now in print and ebook formats via Amazon and other bookstores.

Deck the Pulps: Yuletide Tales of Murder, Mayhem & Adventure

Even the hard-boiled pulps took some time out to recognize the Christmas season. This collection of vintage yuletide stories includes stories of murder and mayhem, but also benevolent ghosts and Christmas redemption. Includes nine vintage pulp stories from the tattered pages of Popular Detective, Thrilling Detective, Argosy, The Popular Magazine and more!

Includes stories from Johnston McCulley, W.C. Tuttle, Bertrand Sinclair, Dorothy Dunn and many others.

Postings from Piperock: The Best of W.C. Tuttle Volume 2

This volume, the second in our W.C. Tuttle series, features eight stories set in Piperock, Tuttle’s Montana frontier town. Piperock and its cast of characters including Magpie Simpkins, Ike Harper, Muley Bowles, Doughgod Smith and a wealth of others was one of Tuttle’s earliest series for Adventure. The series was so popular that he was hired by Universal Studios to script a series of films featuring the characters. He also wrote a successful series of stories featuring his cow detectives Tombstone Jones and Speedy Smith in the pages, featured in Volume 1 of our Best of W.C. Tuttle series.

Pulp From the Pyramids: Tales of Mummies and Ancient Egypt

This collection includes classic pulp reprints featuring stories set in Egypt, and includes a new novella featuring The Red Jackal by Jonathan W. Sweet. Other authors include H.P. Lovecraft, Jack Creamer and Kelvin Kent.

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