Charles Beadle, 1881-194?

Charles Beadle was born on this day in 1881.

Charles Beadle in Adventure

He’s one of the many pulp writers profiled in the Beginner’s Guide to Pulp Fiction, Vol. 2.

Beadle was a pulp writer and novelist who specialized in tales of Africa and other exotic locales.

The son of a ship captain, he was apparently born at sea in 1881. He grew up in England and emigrated to the United States in 1916. Already a published author, he quickly began writing for the pulps. His work was published in Adventure, Argosy and Short Stories, among other outlets.

He soon relocated to Paris, where he was living by the 1920s. Little is known of his life after that, although he did publish four books and a few stories in the 1930s and ‘40s. His final published appearance seems to be in the June 10, 1947, Short Stories. It is assumed he died in Paris sometime in the 1940s.

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