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Adventures of the Red Jackal by Jonathan W. Sweet

The Beginner’s Guide to Pulp Fiction by Jonathan W. Sweet

  • Volume 1: The Heroes, the Villains and the Writers
  • Volume 2: The Action, Detective, Horror & Spicy Pulps

The Best of Thrilling Detective

  • Volume 1: Combining Thrilling Detective Pulp Tales Volumes 1-3
  • Volume 2: Combining Thrilling Detective Pulp Tales Volumes 4-6

The Best of Robert Leslie Bellem

The Best of W.C. Tuttle

Chicago Pulp Tales

Deck the Pulps: Yuletide Tales of Murder, Mayhem & Adventure

Minnesota Not-So-Nice

Pulp Adventures on the Moon

Pulp From the Pyramids: Tales of Mummies & Ancient Egypt

Pulp With a Bite: Tales of the Vampires and the Undead

Thrilling Detective Pulp Tales

  • Volume 1, featuring W.T. Ballard, Frederick C. Davis, John S. Endicott & more
  • Volume 2, featuring W.T. Ballard, Robert Leslie Bellem, George Allan Moffatt & more
  • Volume 3, featuring Wyatt Blassingame, Benton Braden, Ray Cummings & more
  • Volume 4, featuring Norman A. Daniels, Paul Ernst, G. Wayman Jones & more
  • Volume 5, featuring D.L. Champion, C.S. Montanye, G.T. Fleming-Roberts & more
  • Volume 6, featuring Wyatt Blassingame, David X. Manners, Edward Parrish Ware & more

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